We are Mike and Kate, and we are On The Rocks: the only mobile bar based in northern Colorado. Our renovated horse trailer, Pearl, is the third member of our team, and she has been through quite a journey. 

The Beginning
We were married in 2013 at Gull Point State Park in Iowa at a beautiful lakefront lodge. Like many couples, we spent months searching for a beautiful, unique venue that would provide the flexibility we were looking for within our budget. It was a stressful experience that had us visiting dozens of golf courses, hotels, and event centers, ultimately finding that the more the venue charged, the more freedom we lost. 

We created Pearl to provide a flexible, elegant, unique, and affordable all-in-one bartending solution for anyone planning a wedding or other special event. Open bars shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars for limited options. We believe in an affordable experience, tailored to be exactly what you want.

Pearl’s Journey
Pearl is a 1960s horse trailer who spent a decade sitting in an open field overlooking the foothills of northern Colorado. In her past life, she hauled a young girl’s horse around the state for 4-H and other competitions. We saw her on our way to work one day, and immediately started dreaming of the possibilities. 

A full-body sandblast, metal-fill, custom weld work, and trim and body paint gave Pearl a new life. You can see Pearl’s renovation journey here []. With a self-serve four-tap “keezer” cooled draft tower on one side and a live edge bartender service window on the other, Pearl is ready to bring your event to the next level.

Why On the Rocks?
With Pearl, you can have an event anywhere – we’ll bring our luxury bar to you. Whether you’re a couple getting married, a company planning an employee retreat, or a concert organizer, customize your drinks, service, and even Pearl’s décor for a unique event experience your guests will be sure to remember. 

Not sure where to start? Check out our packages contact us for a custom quote.

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