Our Story


My wife and I got married back in 2013 at Gull Point State Park in Iowa at a beautiful lodge on the lakefront. This venue was identified after months of searching for a beautiful and unique location while providing us the flexibility in layout, bar setup as well as overall cost. We experienced the stress and indecisiveness that most couples have when deciding on the perfect wedding venue. We visited dozens of golf courses, hotels and various event centers, and realized we were paying top dollar while losing the flexibility and freedom to plan the special day exactly how we wanted it to be.

We created Pearl because we knew that we wanted to add something that was elegant, affordable, and memorable to anyone’s special event. Open bars at your wedding shouldn’t cost thousands of dollar for limited options. It should be affordable and exactly what you want.

With Pearl you can have a wedding anywhere and still have all the elegance. Pearl allows you to have the full experience you imagined with a unique touch at an affordable price that people will remember!

– Mike