Meet our Mobile Bar


Her Past: Pearl is a 1960s horse trailer who spent the past decade sitting on an open hillside overlooking the foothills of Northern Colorado. In her active years, she hauled a little girl’s horse around the area for 4-H and other competitions. We noticed her on our way to work one day, and the vision of possibilities began.

Her Makeover: Pearl went through several phases of makeovers, tucks and lifts, and her true beauty came out. A full body sandblast, metal-fill, custom weld work and a final trim and body paint brought Pearl back to life. With a self serve 4-tap ‘keezer’ cooled draft tower on one side, and a live edge bartender service window on the other, Pearl is ready to bring your party to the next level.

Her Retirement: In her retirement she enjoys spending her time providing spirits and memories to all around her. She anxiously awaits the many beautiful events and people that she will have the pleasure to meet.

Tommy Tap

Tommy travels with Pearl to her many events helping with the bar back needs. He helps Pearl with the beer, wine, water, soda or whatever the guest want to go through the tap lines so she can focus on the cocktail and specialty drinks.