9 Wedding Bar Trends for 2022

Almost a third of brides-to-be get engaged over the holidays, which means some of you will be stocking up on wedding magazines and poring over wedding checklists in the coming weeks (or maybe you already are, while you wait for that ring – we won’t judge). Weddings are part of our business at On the Rocks, so we like to keep up with the latest trends, including this list of nine wedding bar trends for 2022.

Did you know 2.6 million weddings are forecast to happen in the U.S. in 2022? That’s the most since almost 40 years ago, in 1984. If you’re one of these millions getting married in the new year, read on for what’s “in” in 2022. 

Mobile Bars

Hey, that’s us! Mobile bars are still big for 2022, especially those that are serviced. Portable or permanent bars are traditional at wedding venues, but traditional can get a bit boring. Opt for a unique, whimsical mobile bar like our Pearl instead. You’ll stand out from the rest and get tailored service from our TIPS-certified bartenders.

Mocktails and Low-ABV Cocktails

Having guests at your wedding who don’t drink alcohol is nothing new. But more and more brides and grooms are deciding they’d rather avoid drunken family drama and other inappropriate guest behavior by offering alcohol-free mocktails or “low-alcohol by volume” cocktails. 

Non-alcoholic beer has been around for decades, but alcohol-free spirits mimicking the taste of tequila, vodka, and flavored liqueurs are increasingly popular. Low-ABV cocktails still contain alcohol, but in percentages similar to those of beer and wine, rather than hard liquor. 

Customization and Personalization

We love the trend of couples wanting to infuse every part of their big day with their personalities and interests, and this includes cocktails. The signature cocktail came about as a way for couples to create their own drinks, rather than follow recipes from a bar book. Consider a signature cocktail for each newlywed, or one that celebrates the couple.

Special touches like monogrammed drink stirrers or personalized napkins are another way to make a statement.

Creative Presentations

The signature cocktail movement has translated into seemingly endless cocktail presentation possibilities. Couples with a carnival theme may serve drinks in striped cups rimmed with frosting and sprinkles, movie buffs might skewer popcorn for a garnish, and dessert fanatics can serve boozy milkshakes in cookie cups or ice cream cones.

Fresh Floral Bar Decor

Fresh flowers and greenery aren’t only for bouquets and boutonnieres. Bars are becoming a decor focal point at weddings, incorporating the style of the wedding ceremony and reception. Whether your budget allows for some sprigs of greenery or elaborate bar arrangements, fresh florals make your bar an inviting focal point instead of an afterthought. 

Canned Beers, Wines, and Cocktails

Canned drinks are ideal for small, intimate weddings or at venues with a strict no-glass rule. They’re also convenient, with less spilling and easier cleanup. You’ll save money on drinkware rentals and washing. Plus, there are so many canned alcoholic beverages available these days, you can find can designs to suit your wedding colors or theme. 

It’s still good practice to let an experienced bartender (like our TIPS-certified ones) be in charge of canned drinks, to prevent incidents due to guests being over-served. In Colorado, for example, you could even be held liable for an over-served guest who drinks and drives after your event.

Vintage Drinks

Traditional cocktails are back in style, most notably the aptly-named Old Fashioned. Vintage touches lend elegance to modern weddings. Even the champagne tower, where champagne is poured over a tower of old-fashioned champagne coupes, is making a comeback that doubles as both refreshment and eye-catching decoration.

Pre-Ceremony Refreshment Bar

Another growing trend is the pre-ceremony refreshment bar, which offers guests non-alcoholic options like fruit-infused waters in summer or a hot chocolate station in the winter. It’s not a bad idea to provide some light snacks too, especially for guests who traveled a long way the day of the ceremony and to prevent fainting at a hot summer wedding.

Themed Bar and Drinks

Your bar and drinks can emulate the overall style of your wedding, or you can get creative with themed cocktails and bar decorations that mean something to you as a couple. One popular option is a travel-themed bar, with cocktails from countries or regions you’ve traveled to as a couple. 

A cocktail hour bar can also be decorated to suit a theme different from your ceremony and reception style, such as a favorite hobby of the groom or the couple. Drinks themselves can be customized to suit that theme, with creative names and garnishes.

Ready to book mobile bar services for your 2022 wedding? Contact us now. Choose from one of our ready-made packages, or tell us more so we can create a custom package for you. We can’t wait to make your big day one-of-a-kind. 

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